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La Cofradia presenta:


La Cofradia is an audiovisual production house working for museums, exhibitions and performance centers.
Teamwork, find appropriate technological resources, to get the visitor's interest ...

these are our main objectives.


The Team:


Manu Balaguer


Joan Mallarach


Montse Jové


Agusti Torres


Eduardo Arbide

  manu balaguer   joan mallarach   montse joce   agusti torres   eduardo arbide  
  Producer   Director   Screenwriter   DOP   Musical Composer  

Albert Mercadé


Dani Juve


Toni Colomer


Bernat Balaguer


Rita Solà

  albert mercade   dani juve   toni colomer   bernat balaguer   rita sola  
  Documentary maker   New technologies/ I+R   Audio postproduction   Image postproduction   Editor  

Peter van der Zee


Albert Bataller


Pau Ros

  Peter van der Zee   pau ros   pau ros          
  Motiongraphics   Interactive design   Web desing          
films per a museus
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