100% design Tokyo

2005 / 2006
100% design Tokyo

1 audiovisual
1 interactiu
1 videowall de tres plasmes

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Look at me (2005)

Design from a marine container in the open space of the Meiji Jingu Gaien in Aoyama. The project was characterized by the use of a mirror in the entire interior of the container, thus achieving the multiplication of the interior space and having the feeling of greater space starting from a very small initial volume. On one of the side walls, silver-free mirrors were used where several plasmas screens were displayed showing images of an initial trip to Spain and through industrial design objects illuminated by projections of these images, While the visitors listened to the music of atmosphere interpreted with a Spanish guitar. The exterior of the container was lined with pottery with an appearance of oxidized iron type corten.


The project’s discourse revolved around the close link between the objects and their designers. At the bottom of the stand, you could see and listen to interviews with the designers of the products displayed on a large format screen. Just below there were three monitors where you could interact with the catalogue CD that was sent to visitors, where all the videos were with the interviews.

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