Merci, Jules…


Palamós – Girona
Museu de la Pesca (Palamós)
Museu del Cinema (Girona)

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One hundred years after his death, translated into dozens of languages, Jules Verne manifests an exceptional stubbornness to remain alive to the memory of mankind. Beyond its rigorous documentary, the solid dissemination of technological advances of its time or its undeniable abilities as a narrator, in Jules Verne there is something unattainable, exceptional, that escapes the classifications and the reductionist labels and which explains its survival beyond the limits of time and space.

The Fishing Museum (Palamós) collects the marine and ocean imaginary, which the writer took to the mythical space category, turning it into an area for adventure, knowledge and discovery of a same

The Museum of Cinema (Girona) shows the great influence of the novelist in this artistic medium: either as one of the world’s most adapted writers on the big screen or as a source of continued inspiration for film-makers fascinated by the sense of wonder.

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